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Who gets what after a divorce


In most cases getting a divorce is fairly straightforward. What is more complex is sorting out the division of the family assets and that is done by way of a financial settlement. Ideally this is done by agreement between the parties but often where there is no agreement, court involvement may be needed.

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Looking to buy a house in 2015?


Figures for last year show the monthly total of houses sold dropped off towards the end of the year - the number of houses sold in November fell below 100,000 for the first time in the year. For the same month, the British Bankers Association reported the lowest number of mortgages approved for eighteen months. Given that mortgage rates remain historically low what can explain this drop off in sales and mortgage applications?

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Magna Carta its legal importance 800 years later - our litigation lawyers explain


This year sees the 800th Anniversary of one of the most famous legal documents in the world; the Magna Carta or “Great Charter” signed in 1215 at Runnymede, (up the river from our Walton on Thames office). You can visit the spot, ; it will be busy on the anniversary of 15th June when a ceremony will be held attended by HM the Queen.

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Marriage on the up, be sure to get a pre-nup!

Marriage on the up, be sure to get a pre-nup!


The latest national statistics show that the number of marriages have risen by almost 4%. If you are getting married or entering into a Civil-Partnership, you may want to consider entering into an agreement protecting your interests, such as a Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement

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