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Separation Agreements - what are they and should I have one before divorce? - our family lawyers explain


Some couples prefer to separate rather than go for an immediate divorce on the breakdown of their marriage. Although there is no legal requirement to enter into a Separation Agreement, it is highly advisable to do so. A Separation Agreement is evidence of what the parties agreed in relation to their finances and is a factor that the Court must take into account should one party seek to go back on what was agreed and make further claims against the other. A Separation Agreement is not, however, binding on the Court so care must be taken to ensure that it is as persuasive as possible.

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Effects of Brain Injuries following a Road Traffic Accident - our personal injury lawyers explain


A recent survey suggests that a road traffic accident, or any event which involves a trauma to the head, may result in brain injury which can cause cognitive, emotional and physical symptoms. Only a handful of individuals experience cognitive and emotional symptoms a year after a mild brain injury however, there is no shortage of disagreement between experts about the conceptual framework in which persistent symptoms after a mild head injury should be considered and subsequently treated.

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