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Bankruptcy limit to change – our dispute resolution lawyers explain.


From 1st October 2015 the minimum level that a debt must be in order to begin bankruptcy proceedings increases from the current £750 (which has been the minimum since 1986) to £5,000. The change is to reserve bankruptcy proceedings to the more sizeable debts and provide an opportunity to the more vulnerable in society to gain protection from Debt Relief Orders

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Another successful case for Howell-Jones’ litigaton lawyers – the team explain


We were representing a client who had gone into business with another on a 50:50 basis. The business took off, but the other director wanted to take more out of the company than it could afford. This led to a dispute and the other director resigning and trading on his own, but failing to pay back his director’s loan account, return the company’s tools or selling his shareholding. He was therefore no longer involved in the company but reaping the benefits of its continued success (under our client’s guidance). That had not been the agreement.

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Life gets easier for consumers – our litigaton solicitors explain


A new law is being introduced (on 9th July) forcing traders to publish information to consumers about accessing alternative dispute resolution (ie a process to resolve a problem with poor goods or services possibly without going to court). Traders will have to publish on their website and in their terms and conditions whom the consumer can go to initiate an alternative dispute resolution process.

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