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Employment tribunal cases not being pursued - our employment lawyers highlight research from the CAB


Citizens Advice has published research which suggests that 70% of potentially successful employment claims are not pursued at employment tribunals. The statistics reveal that only 14% of valid claims are taken to employment tribunals, and in over 50% of cases, costs or fees are deterring claimants. According to the research, the claims most affected were unfair dismissal, withholding wages and holiday pay.

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Occupational health assessments to assist employees return to work to be launched in 2014


The government has awarded the contract to provide a new Health and Work Service to Health Management Limited, a MAXIMUS company. The service, to be introduced following the recommendations of Dame Carol Black, will provide occupational health assessments and assist employees to return to work who have been absent for four weeks or more. It will be launched on a phased basis in late 2014 and is expected to be fully up and running by May 2015.

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