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Additional paternity leave, a recent case clarifies employment law.


Under additional paternity leave a father can take up to six months’ leave once the mother has returned to work. The earliest time is 20 weeks after the birth of the child and the right expires on the child’s first birthday. The father can also take the equivalent of any unused maternity pay.

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Christian vindicated over stance on gay weddings


A marriage registrar was celebrating victory when the council’s decision to sack her was reversed. Initially, she was sacked for refusing to marry same-sex couples because of her Christian beliefs and the reversal of the original decision shows that Christians should no longer fear expressing their beliefs.

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Business premises – what to look out for when taking on or renewing a lease


When granting, or taking on a new lease for business premises, one of the key questions that needs to be addressed is whether the lease should be protected or unprotected under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (“LTA 1954”). This is a fundamental point for both the landlord and the tenant, and we explain why below from both a landlord’s and a tenant’s perspective.

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