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Employment references - a recent case provides some guidance on the law


In a recent case the High Court has held that a police force should not be permitted to send a further reference to a new employer of one of its former senior officers, advising the new employer of the officer's extended absence record and of unproven disciplinary allegations outstanding against him at the time of his departure. While the court held that the Force would ordinarily have a public law duty to provide information concerning the disciplinary matter to the new employer, in this case, the officer had relied on the undertaking given by a senior officer that only a standard reference would be provided.

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Employment tribunal cases not being pursued - our employment lawyers highlight research from the CAB


Citizens Advice has published research which suggests that 70% of potentially successful employment claims are not pursued at employment tribunals. The statistics reveal that only 14% of valid claims are taken to employment tribunals, and in over 50% of cases, costs or fees are deterring claimants. According to the research, the claims most affected were unfair dismissal, withholding wages and holiday pay.

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