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New maternity allowance for women doing unpaid work in partner's business


The Social Security (Maternity Allowance) (Participating Wife or Civil Partner of Self-employed Earner) Regulations 2014 have been are expected to come into force on 1 April 2014. Under the regulations, women who work in an unpaid capacity in the business of a self-employed spouse or civil partner and who give birth on or after 27 July 2014 will be eligible to receive a weekly maternity allowance.

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Hospital misdiagnosis of fracture - our personal injury lawyer explains


We have previously reported that one of our clients attended his local Hospital after suffering an injury to his wrist and was told that he had sprained his wrist but no fracture could be seen on the X-ray. This was a misdiagnosis and the Hospital admitted liability for the misdiagnosis and we negotiated a substantial settlement for our client.

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Confused about flexible working, maternity or paternity rights, either now or in the future?


Since the coalition government has been in power, there have been a number of changes to employment legislation and, in particular, to family friendly legislation. Last year, unpaid parental leave increased from 13 to 18 weeks for parents of children up to the age of five. There are major changes to the flexible working rights of all employees expected this year and for 2015 a radical plan to allow parents to ‘mix and match’ their statutory leave entitlements is to be introduced. The details are set out below.

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