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Will I have to sell my house to pay for future care?


If you need to move into a publicly funded care home then you will be financially assessed to work out whether and how much you need to contribute towards the cost of your care. On average the cost of residential care in England is £700 per week and nursing care is more. The cost varies in different areas of England and in Surrey, for example, it is not unusual to see the cost in excess of £1000 per week.

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National minimum wage – maximum fine for breach set to increase - our employment lawyers explain


Employers who fail to pay workers the National Minimum Wage (NMW) currently face a penalty calculated at 50% per cent of the total underpayment for all affected workers. Where this amount is less than £100, a minimum penalty of £100 is applied. Where this amount is more than £5,000, a maximum penalty of £5,000 is applied. The penalty is reduced by 50 per cent if the unpaid wages are paid within 14 days.

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Why do I need a will?


Most people know that they should have a will. A will enables you to decide who will administer your estate (your assets) and who should benefit from your estate. So why do people delay? Probably because they don’t understand the consequences. Without one, your estate will pass according to pre-determined rules called the rules of intestacy. This can lead to unforeseen outcomes.

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