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“Is the limited remaining term on your lease making a re-mortgage difficult to secure? Have you thought of a lease extension? Our specialist solicitor gives a little insight.


Leases when they are first granted usually do not create problems for mortgage companies because there are many years remaining. However as time moves on, and the lease is possibly assigned from one owner to the next, the term reduces and the lease becomes increasingly unattractive to lenders. A possible way around this is a lease extension, which you may have a right to as a matter of law.

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Grounds for divorce - does calling someone a "fat elephant" qualify? Our family lawyers explain with the aid of an Indian case


Judges in India recently ruled that insulting a spouse about their obesity could provide legal grounds for divorce. The case concerned a woman who taunted her husband about his weight calling him a fat elephant. The husband said his wife regularly humiliated him for being overweight and one of the Judges commented that such name-calling, even if the husband was overweight, was bound to strike at the husband’s self-respect and self-esteem.

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