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Dogs in Divorce


The seasonal post-Christmas rise in divorces is being blamed for an increase in pet dogs ending up in rescue centres. A survey by the Kennel Club has revealed that more than 700 dogs belonging to separating couples will be taken in this month.

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New Canary Wharf office opens for Family Law and Employment law advice


Leading Surrey solicitors, Howell Jones have opened a new office for the convenience of its London and Canary Wharf based clients. Opening on 2 January the office at 25 Canada Square compliments the firm’s existing central London office at The Strand and the firm’s other eight offices spread throughout Surrey.

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DIY family law set to increase but beware!


From April 2013 it is anticipated that more people will feel compelled to represent themselves (litigants in person) in family law matters as public funding will no longer be available in the majority of cases. Recent evidence suggests that the number of litigants in person approaching lawyers for help after proceedings that have not produced the hoped for result has and will increase.

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Child custody, contact, residence and parental responsibility - explained !


Some of the most sensitive issues to address upon a relationship breakdown are those relating to children. Many people often refer to ‘custody’, however, this is not a legal term recognised in the courts of England and Wales. Instead the courts refer to Residence (with whom the child should live), Contact (time spent with the non-resident parent) and Parental Responsibility (rights and responsibilities relating to the child).

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