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Does Westminster have an urgent need for divorce and employment lawyers?


It has been reported today that parliamentary computers at Westminster have been used to visit a dating website which promotes affairs, all over a seven month period. With over 50,000 hits registered over this time it is predicted that Parliament could soon see an increased divorce rate. The revelation also raises issues for employment lawyers and the need for training for MPs, their aides and assistants on the appropriate use of internet whilst at work, or using work computers.

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Divorce and teenage children


It has been widely reported in the press that MP Chris Huhne received angry and distressing text messages from his son, following his separation and divorce.

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Unfair dismissal up to £74,200


New employment compensation limits in force from 1 February 2013 With effect from 1 February 2013 there will be an increase to the limits on certain employment tribunal awards and other amounts payable under employment legislation.

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