Services for you

  • Our focus is always on you, your particular needs, budget and convenience.  One size does not fit all.  We regularly ask for your views, actively listen and then deliver a service that is right for you. We ask you to regularly assess our performance.  You are in control and we are here for you. 
  • With experts providing a comprehensive range of high-quality legal services, we can be your life-long legal adviser, which is why our clients return to us again and again.
  • Charges are straight-forward and clearly explained - we do not shy away from talking about our charges. We do not believe in giving clients` nasty surprises so, where we can, we will agree charges in advance. Our size means we have different solicitors and pricing options available for you.  The high calibre of our lawyers means that they undertake work quickly and efficiently, providing you with better value.
  • Honesty and fairness are two of our most important values. On the rare occasions where things do go wrong we will say sorry and do our best to resolve the problems to your satisfaction. 

If you’re not sure which of our services you need, please call one of of experienced lawyers on 0800 037 1625.