Courts approach to financial mis-selling claims needs to change

Howell Jones’ litigators have been observing commentary within banking finance circles as to the approach of the courts on financial mis-selling claims.

People are probably now very used to hearing PPI adverts and adverts for other mis-selling claims, whether it be pensions or other products.

There has been a recent article in a financial magazine noting (the article says) that the state of the law should be recognised that there is normally no duty to advise by the banks, but if they chose to advise then a duty of care arises.  Whilst this duty may arise, the article observes that a number of cases have been rejected on fact specific basis, with a more sceptical approach that favours banks.  The article comments that this needs to change to deter any new mis-selling scandals.

We are not concerned by this.  All our cases (however they are based) are properly analysed and we will only advise a client to proceed if we are confident that the case enjoys good prospects of success.  On the cases we do pursue, we have a great record of success with cases either settling pre or within proceedings; or if they go to trial, with us having many successes at trial.

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