Strategic offers

It is widely known that the courts actively encourage ADR (alternative dispute resolution).  What does that mean?  Put simply it is entering into negotiations by way of mediation, conciliation, face-to-face meetings etc.  Whilst simple to explain, it is not as simple to conduct.  A large amount of our lawyers' time is representing clients on negotiations; successfully it has to be said. 

However what if negotiations fail?  Does one make an arms' length offer and in what way?  This is where knowledge of the court rules and law is key. There are strategic offers that can be made, that can apply pressure to the other party to settle.  The trick is knowing when to make them and in what terms?  This is an area in which we regularly analyse cases on a fact and event specific basis to advise clients.  They benefit from our knowledge of the court rules and the law.  It is often that advice coupled with the resultant offer that leads to very satisfactory outcomes for clients.

If you have or are involved in a claim, whether as a Claimant or Defendant, please do call our Dispute Resolution team.  We offer a free initial telephone consultantion with no obligation to both individuals involved in a private dispute to commercial (often Blue Chip) organisations requiring advice in commercial litigation.  We have vast experience and a great team who cover all types of litgation.  Let us take the stress out of the situation for you.