New debt recovery protocol in force from 1st October 2017

Do you know the procedure to follow to recover a debt from October 2017?

October 2017 sees the introduction of a new debt recovery protocol for businesses looking to recover debts from individuals. At the heart of the protocol is transparency with the early sharing of documents/information. Of course, as with all protocols, there is a push towards Alternative Dispute Resolution to try and resolve disputes before they reach the courts.

Our lawyers are up-to-date and already operating under the new protocol as a matter of good and best practice. Indeed, Partner Andrew Petchey has been including details of the protocol in his lectures to law students since the beginning of the year.

Should you have a claim that you wish to discuss, whether related to a debt or anything else, please do give our Dispute Resolution and Litigation Team a call for a free discussion to see if we can assist.