Medical negligence advice for pressure claims – Howell Jones Solicitors

We often receive enquiries from family members on behalf of elderly relatives who have experienced poor care at Hospitals resulting in the development of pressure sores or ulcers.

Pressure sores, sometimes also known as bed sores or pressure ulcers; are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue often caused by pressure against the skin that limits blood flow. These ulcers usually develop gradually, but sometimes they form within a few hours, commonly occurring on the sacrum (base of the spine) or heel, but frequently also seen on the hips and elbows if effective systems of turning and repositioning are not put in place.

These failures can cause incredibly painful sores which can take a very long time to heal , requiring additional nursing and a protracted Hospital stay which can be distressing for all concerned.

We have successfully managed to resolve a number of these claims and obtain compensation for our clients.

Our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team members have many years of experience dealing with medical injury claims.  If you would like to make a claim, contact us today for a telephone conversation or a free, preliminary meeting.