Separated Parents Information Programme

This is a 4 hour programme designed to help parents understand separation from a child’s point of view and learn the fundamental principles of how to manage and reduce the impact of conflict on their children.

This should be an automatic requirement for those commencing an application relating to children. Unfortunately this is perhaps too late in the process as by the time of court proceedings the parties are often significantly acrimonious.

Parents attend separate courses which are usually a mixture of mums and dads so that different perspectives are considered.

The course has two sections – what children need and don’t need and improving communication between parents. There is a some advice but largely suggestions as to how to parent with some feedback from children of divorced couples and their experiences.

The important messages:

  • keep conflict away from children
  • children want to be listened to
  • children want their views taken into account
  • the need to develop a new way of communicating

The Parent Connection “Getting it right for Children” offers an online course based around the SPIPs course. CAFCASS has a Parents Handbook online that mirrors a lot of the content of the course.

This is all about doing the right thing for your children.