Agency Instructions

We appreciate that sometimes claims have to be issued in or are transferred to Courts or Tribunals, which are not within easy reach of the conducting solicitors. On these cases we are very happy to assist fellow lawyers in issuing claims and attending hearings for an agreed fixed fee. We cover all Surrey and the London courts.

Further, there will be times when you may need to attend a site inspection, interview a witness or be represented at (for example) a settlement meeting. We are happy to help fellow professionals in this respect as well.

Please use the online service to provide us with details of what you require and obtain a fixed price. We will review the information, decide on the appropriate grade of lawyer to allocate and respond (by e-mail or telephone) to confirm that we are able to undertake the work, who we propose allocating and the fixed price we can agree.

Basic criteria

  • Your are a firm of lawyers with conduct of a case for a client.

  • You have not been threatened with an application for wasted costs.

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If you are unable to satisfy the basic criteria, we may still be able to help. Complete our contact form so that we can come back to you to discuss your requirements.