24 January 2020

Are “Smart Motorways” Smart?

Personal Injury caused by Smart Motorways

In 2000, Highways England announced a £200 billion programme of investment of which 6 billion was identified for active traffic management schemes on some of the busiest motorways in the country. Practically, that involved turning the hard shoulder into a traffic lane at certain times of the day to improve traffic flow and capacity.

The first “smart” motorway opened in 2006 but from the outset pressure groups expressed concern that they were not safe. It was easy for motorists to become confused or simply have no idea as to when they were operational.

It is reported that about 20 motorists a day are left stranded and become sitting targets.

Following the recent inquest into the death of one young boy killed in such circumstances, the Chief Executive of Highways England said “I don’t think we will be building any more dynamic hard shoulder smart motorways. They are just too complicated for people to use”.

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