4 May 2020

Increase in Bereavement Damages

Under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 (FAA), where a death has occurred as a result of negligence, the action can include a claim for bereavement damages. The level of the award has increased on 1 May 2020 to £15,210 from £12,980. The award is currently only available to the wife, husband or a civil partner of the deceased; and where the deceased was a minor who was never married or had a civil partner, to his or her parents, if he or she was legitimate; or to his or her mother, if illegitimate. The award does not extend to children who have lost parents although children can be awarded a sum for “loss of parental services”.

The government proposed to implement the judgment of the Court of Appeal in the case of Jacqueline Smith v Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by amended Section 1A FAA to make Bereavement damages available to claimants who cohabited with the deceased person for a period of at least 2 years immediately prior to the death. The proposed remedial order also provides that in instances where both a qualifying cohabitant and a spouse is eligible (i.e. where the deceased was still married and not yet divorced or separated but had been in a new cohabiting relationship for at least 2 years) the award should be divided equally between the eligible claimants.

The proposal for the draft Order was made in May 2019 and it requires to be approved by a resolution of each House of Parliament before it becomes law. It has still not yet been approved. An update will be provided in due course.

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