19 May 2020

Putting your Trust in a Personal Injury Lawyer

As accredited members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) we were extremely pleased to see that APIL are launching a new campaign to increase public trust, belief and confidence in personal injury lawyers. Often derided, amongst other things, as “ambulance chasers” by the public, injury lawyers are faced with the consequences of low levels of public trust. Often misreported in the media, misleading information has had a deeply damaging impact on lawyers and injured people.

An example of this misreporting was highlighted by Mrs Justice Yip in the case of Correa & Ors v BP plc & Ors (2019) when claims were made by families of the deceased who died during the course of their work on an oil rig, when she stated:

“This settlement does not represent a victory for anyone. Settlement of claims are often reported on the basis that the claimants have won damages. It would be offensive to describe the claimants as ‘winning’ anything. They have suffered the most terrible loss for which they are to receive compensation”.

APIL consider that preventing needless injury should be given a higher priority in the UK and they are launching a major new initiative to lead the PI sector towards a national strategy for the prevention of injury. They are providing funding to a major think tank to research how things could be done better and how a more co ordinated approach to preventing needless injury would benefit society and all our lives whether at work or out in the community.

APIL is a unique community of like-minded lawyers working together to provide an essential campaigning voice for injured people. Our lawyers have been members for many years and have benefitted significantly from the support and training the association has provided and wholeheartedly support their new campaign to increase public trust belief and confidence in injury lawyers.

Our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence lawyers are all members of APIL have many years of experience dealing with clinical negligence or injury claims. If you would like to make a claim, contact us today for a telephone conversation or a free, preliminary meeting.

our lawyers deliver an excellent quality service, independently recognised by The Law Society and our many returning clients.

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