13 January 2021

Planning for Employing Overseas Workers in 2021

The UK government has made some critical immigration law changes that affect employers of overseas workers. Therefore, if you employ staff from overseas or have plans of doing so later, it is essential to note the new changes made to the immigration system effective January 1, 2021. A new points-based immigration system will operate in the country, affecting your recruitment of overseas workers. Here are some vital things you should know to shape your recruitment strategy for hiring overseas workers from January 1, 2021.

Will My Current Employees from Overseas Be Affected by the New Immigration Changes?

If you already have overseas workers from the EU or Switzerland, these changes do not affect them in any way. However, these workers must be already employed in your place of business before December 31, 2020. The family members of your overseas workers hired before the deadline date are eligible to apply for the EU Statement Scheme up until June 30, 2021.

How Soon Do I Need to Apply for A Sponsor License?

If you think you’ll want to sponsor migrants from January 1, 2021, we suggest applying for your sponsor license immediately. Several other businesses are rushing to apply for their sponsor licenses because December 31 is fast approaching. Therefore, start your application process immediately to ensure you are prepared and ready to begin the new year by employing any overseas workers vital to your business operations. 

How Do I Apply for My Sponsorship License?

Before you begin your application process, it is vital to ensure that your business qualifies to apply for a sponsorship license. Also, you will need to decide on the type of license you need to apply for. The type of workers you choose to sponsor will largely shape what kind of license you should apply for. It is also essential to select someone from your business who will be in charge of managing the sponsorship. Then, make your application and pay the necessary fees.

What Next After My Sponsorship License Application?

After your application, expect UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to visit your business premises to ensure that it meets the standards for employing overseas workers. You will receive a license rating if your application is successful. If some of your company’s jobs are suitable for employing overseas staff and satisfy the new requirements, you can offer them certificates of sponsorship.

For How Long Is My Sponsorship License Valid?

Your sponsorship license is valid for four years. However, you must note that your license can be revoked if you fail to meet your obligations as a sponsor.

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