5 June 2019

Women pension age case goes to Judicial Review

An important case starts this week in the High Court to determine whether the increase in pension age from 60 years to 66 was carried out fairly.

In November 2018 a campaign group succeeded in an action seeking a judicial review of the UK Government’s handling of pension age increases for women from 60 to 66.  The group has argued that the changes implemented since 1995 were not communicated clearly or in sufficient time for those affected to take steps to prepare for the consequences of this.  The result is that millions of women born in the 1950s are now at a significant disadvantage financially.

The Court will decide if the increase in pension age from 60 years to 66 has been done fairly.  The campaign group is seeking repayment of all pension losses incurred for women born in the 1950s based on their earlier retirement dates.   The Government has indicated that the costs of compensation under these terms will be in the region of £70 billion.

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