30 July 2019

What should you do if you have had a cycling accident?

Julian Monk, senior solicitor in the Personal Injury team looks at what you should do if you have been involved in a cycling accident.

  • Take photographs of the accident scene and damaged items
  • Record details of the vehicle that caused your accident including the registration number of the vehicle, name and address of the driver, and make and model of the vehicle
  • Take details of any other cause of the accident such as location of a defect in the road and the size of any defect or details of the component that failed on your bike
  • Keep a record of your injuries and keep a diary of your symptoms and treatment and how your life has been affected
  • Keep details and receipts of damaged items such as your bike, cycle helmet or clothing
  • Keep copies of correspondence with the defendant or their insurers
  • Keep letters from your GP or hospital
  • Keep correspondence with your employer and details of any loss of earnings
  • Keep a record of care and domestic assistance from family, friends or professional carers
  • Avoid corresponding directly with your opponent or their representative

We have successfully pursued many claims for cyclists being knocked off their bikes as a result of careless drivers or passengers opening their doors. In a recent case in 2019, we recovered £18,000 for a gentleman who was knocked off his bike having been hit from behind by a car and sustained lacerations to his face and soft tissue injuries.

We are passionate about ensuring you are properly compensated and we are not afraid to pursue difficult cases.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors have many years of experience dealing with bicycle accidents. If you have had an accident as a cyclist and would like to consider a claim, get in touch with Julian Monk or Domini David on 01932 234500 for a telephone conversation or a free preliminary consultation. We will advise you on the merits of a claim and how to proceed.

our lawyers deliver an excellent quality service, independently recognised by The Law Society and our many returning clients.

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