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are you having problems with business contracts – either honouring your side, or making the other party observe theirs?

How we can help.
The current crisis has placed many businesses in difficult contractual situations. Perhaps your business has suffered because of breaches of contract such as late goods delivery, undelivered services or unpaid invoices. Or is your own business finding it difficult to meet obligations? Either way, we can help avoid those disputes escalating out of control.

How we work.
Dispute resolution does not just mean court proceedings. Our seasoned lawyers are experienced court advocates and excel in negotiation, mediation, collaboration and conciliation. They use these alternative methods and strategies to resolve problems that would otherwise cost huge amounts of money in court proceedings as well as stress and anxiety.

It’s reassuring to know our lawyers have seen all kinds of contractual problems. Better still, they resolve most disputes, large and small, through favourable settlements. They do this by finding opportunity for compromise and creative ways to resolve matters to the benefit of all parties.

A practical approach.
Get in touch with us to see how we can help you maintain relations and avoid costly litigation by ironing out issues between you and the other party. We can help you re-negotiate terms and find temporary solutions until businesses are back on their feet. We work hard to avoid deadlock and pride getting in the way of solutions.

Our fees are flexible and we offer hourly rates and fixed fees. We have a variety of qualified and experienced lawyers to help you depending on the complexity of your dispute.

Let us help you and your business through these difficult times.

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