A shareholder and joint venture agreement settlement sets out the rules by which the ownership of the company is held and the powers of the shareholders. They are relevant for all companies with more than one shareholder – no matter how big or small.These private contracts are a very powerful tool for resolving disputes and for managing change in all stages of the company’s life.We represent and advise shareholders from companies of all sizes, helping define their legal relationship with each other and the framework within which their business operates.

how we can help.

Our company, commercial and business lawyers can help you by:

  • discussing the shareholders’ business aims and objectives with them
  • preparing and negotiating a shareholders or joint venture agreement
  • advising shareholders on appropriate mechanisms for transferring shares and extracting value from the company
  • dealing with deadlock and identifying ways to resolve it
  • dealing with the eventual sale of the business
  • advising ways to terminate the business relationship if things don’t work out
  • advising ways to deal with the death of a shareholder, including cross option agreements