23 November 2023

What is a “good divorce”?

Family Awareness Week 2023

Whilst for the couple experiencing it, divorce may feel anything but good, there are ways in which lawyers and members of Resolution can aid discussions and help carry the mental load that is experienced during divorce.

Some people are amicable and can reach an agreement between themselves, for others it is not that easy. Discussions of money and plans for the children are often likely to cause tension and lead to frayed relationships.

A ‘Good Divorce’ is not one that is necessarily easy as you are going through it, but is one where you can look to the future and balance your financial needs with your emotional wellbeing and avoid conflict and inflaming the situation as you go.

Of course, when you are going through a divorce and experiencing the associated emotions, this may seem impossible and that is where our Resolution accredited lawyers can help guide you through a Good Divorce.

We have offices based throughout Surrey and can meet with you at any of these locations or virtually.

Get in touch today for an initial discussion and to book an appointment with one of our solicitors to receive our caring and experienced advice.

our lawyers deliver an excellent quality service, independently recognised by The Law Society and our many returning clients.

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