16 September 2019

When the cyclist needs protecting from the pedestrian

A cyclist passing through a green light will have to pay compensation of nearly £100,000 to a pedestrian who walked out in front of him while looking at their mobile phone.

This incident is a serious warning for cyclists who do not have third party insurance in place to protect them against an incident such as this. The case also highlighted the importance of early advice, as a counterclaim for his injuries could have protected the cyclist from a significant legal bill against him.

The cyclist had come through a green traffic light and tried to catch the attention of pedestrian by sounding his horn and calling out to alert her. He moved to try and avoid a collision, but as the pedestrian became aware of the cyclist, she swerved in the same direction and both were knocked unconscious sustaining nasty injuries.

While the pedestrian was described by the judge as a “calm and reasonable road user”, the cyclist was ruled equally to blame for the accident, and the judge`s decision has forced the cyclist to seek crowdfunding to pay the legal costs and the compensation ordered by the court.

This is an unusual case but as more and more cyclists are taking to the roads it highlights the fact that cyclists need to protect themselves against incidents like this by setting up appropriate insurance cover.

The judge made the point at the conclusion of the hearing that, while the pedestrian was at least equally responsible, cyclists must be prepared at all times for pedestrians to behave unexpectedly on occasions.

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