Debt recovery demonstration

A number of cases for "demonstration" purposes have been setup to give you the opportunity to view some of the facilities available. You should print this page to aid your review. To print off a copy please click here.

Notes for use

The next screen will allow you to search for "demo" cases.

Username:            demo
Password:             Debt381

Cases may be found under "our reference", "client's reference", "debtor's name" (or alpha) or the first line of the debtor's address.

Click on the "Debtor's name" and put in A and click Refresh. You will see a selection of cases with the debtor's name starting with the letter A. Move your cursor to "File Number" of any one of these cases and click to gain access to that particular file.

You will see all the formal details of this particular case such as the Claim number, date of issue and service, Judgment available date and date upon which Judgment was entered.

Along the top are a number of sub-menu headings. We would suggest that you access the following.


This shows in chronological order each and every stage that the case has passed through including records of telephone conversations, etc. At the top of this screen you will see the word NEW. If you click on this you are able to send an email message to us specific to this particular case. If you test this you can then see that the message moves to the bottom of the Comments screen as an audit trail of instruction. These comments are working on "real time" and therefore instantly up to date.


This will show you the current status the case has reached. If you click on "Completed" then "apply" you will see the previous statuses if that should be of interest.


This shows all cash received whether by us or by the client in reduction of the total liability of the debtor.


This shows the precise amounts that have been charged by us in the conduct of this matter whether these costs be recoverable from the debtor or irrecoverable together with the exact date upon which they were invoiced.

Other facilities are available such as the notification, electronically, of cash received by you on a particular matter and this will update the case automatically. Certain reports are available and you may send us initial instructions electronically once a password has been given to you.

If you wish to have more information or instruct us on your own debt recovery matters please speak to Vishalee Amin on 0203 167 1963.

Now click here to access the debt files.