Divorce, separation and children


The end of a relationship is an upsetting and stressful time for everyone involved.

Having a supportive and knowledgeable family lawyer at your side can help make the process easier by removing the burden of dealing with the legal formalities involved.

expert family lawyers.

With a number of experienced family lawyers on our team, know we’ll do all we can to make this difficult time a little easier for you.

an experienced family law team.

Our family law team helps with divorce, separation, child arrangements, child guardianship and child abduction as well as cohabitation agreements and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

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Divorce is never quite the easy ride one hopes it might be, and I enlisted the help of Clare Marion of Howell Jones to guide me through the process. The inevitable hold ups and periods of acrimony made the whole process sometimes seem more trouble than it was worth. Obviously though, there were assets to divide equally or otherwise, so it had to be done.
Throughout the whole process, I found Clare’s professionalism, and understanding to be a massive support. On a personal level I also found Clare to be a very caring and kind person, who understood exactly what I was going through.
After what seemed an eternity, mainly due to excessive demands and stalling tactics, Clare brokered a settlement and the divorce was sanctioned.

I will always be grateful to Clare for basically keeping the process, and indeed myself, on the rails.
I have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending Clare and the company she represents.

Sound advice from experienced solicitors, with prompt and courteous service. I would thoroughly recommend them to attend to any legal affairs with competence.

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Work with us for an excellent service at a fair price. With fixed price options as well as traditional hourly rates you have a clearer idea of what your legal support will cost.


An initial telephone call provides you with general no-obligation information. You can discuss a sensible next step with us on this call.

INITIAL MEETING with written follow-up – Lawyer’s hourly rate plus VAT

Meet one of our experienced family lawyers and discuss your concerns with them in more detail. They will be able to offer you some more specific advice and provide you with a written account of the meeting.

We take payment at the meeting either by cheque or card.


In circumstances where you and your spouse are mainly in agreement, we will work for you for a fixed price:

Divorce and Financial Agreement from £2,200 (plus VAT)

Simple Fixed Fee Divorce £1,000 (plus VAT)

Simple Fixed Fee Financial Agreement £1,200 (plus VAT)

Simple fixed fee Separation Agreement £1,000 (plus VAT)


If your circumstances are complex or acrimonious then we will agree a competitive hourly rate and provide you with a cost estimate. We keep you informed of the ongoing cost and are can agree caps with you when certain limits are reached if preferred.

Payments on account are required and bills are usually delivered on a monthly basis.

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Simi Kalsi

Divorce, separation and children
Pre and post nuptial agreements and cohabitation

Clare Marion

Divorce, separation and children
Pre and post nuptial agreements and cohabitation

Katy Osborne

Senior Solicitor
Divorce, separation and children
Pre and post nuptial agreements and cohabitation

Liz Whittle

Chartered Legal Executive
Divorce, separation and children
Pre and post nuptial agreements and cohabitation

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